9 Picks For A Cool Bike Helmet

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The search for a cool bike helmet is never-ending. A stylish head-protector can enhance your outfit and help you feel more comfortable as you ride. Fortunately, there are a lot of pretty lids out there. But only if you know where to look. I went digging through the current options to find my top 9 picks for a cool bike helmet. My favorite shape is the smooth dome style, with or without a brim.


I also wanted to make sure that all of the helmets could be ordered online, for your convenience.

And finally, color is key. For that, I turned to the experts: Pantone. Specifically, the Summer 2013 color guide for Beauty.

That means you can match your helmet to your favorite nail wraps. Or even your eyeshadow. Paying attention to the details will pull your whole look together.

9 Cool Bike Helmets

Inkwell Helmets Hand Painted Tropical Storm Helmet

Taking inspiration from the raw beauty of the natural world, multi-talented artist Danielle Baskin hand paints multi-sport helmets with inspired imagery. Each design becomes a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art to cherish. 


Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

To get the classic cycle chic of the lovely young woman in the photo at the top of the post, look no further than this minimally designed urban bike and skate helmet. The subtle brim and comfortable fit make it one of the most popular in its class.


Brooks Foldable Helmet

If you're looking for increased ventilation with a healthy scoop of style, this innovative helmet from Brooks delivers, with the added bonus of a folding design that reduces in width by 30% for easy stowing in your bag. The gorgeous copper color is surprisingly versatile.


Lazer Armor Deluxe Helmet in Blue-Gray

The twill weave  of this fabric-covered helmet from Lazer resembles your favorite pair of jeans. And the blue-gray color is just as timeless. Wear this style with anything.


Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

As the name implies, this is a classic style choice for a bike commuter. Clean lines and the Matte Slate color will get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Bell Women's Moda Fabric Helmet

The venerable brand Bell sticks a toe into the cycle chic genre with this cap-style fabric covered helmet. The grey twill cloth and seafoam green accents add up to a refined look while the brim offers just the right amount of shade.


Smith Optics Maze Bike Helmet

From the subtle khaki color to the unusual line drawing embellishment, this refined helmet enhances your sophisticated style. Lightweight construction and nine vents keep you feeling as good as you look.


Nutcase Gen 3 Helmet in Gold Sparkle

For those who like to put a little bit of rock into their roll, this gold sparkly helmet from Nutcase looks like something David Bowie would have worn in his Aladdin Sane period. It's all part of your freaky dream. 


Traverse Convertible Bike Helmet with Mini Visor

Multi-sport options are a great resource when you're looking for a stylish bike helmet. This icy blue number from Traverse converts from a warm and toasty ski/snowboard helmet to an urban cycling helmet when you swap out the included cold-weather liner for the lightweight helmet pads.


Extra credit: Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet in Purple

One of the highest rated helmets on this list. Bell consistently offers great color and style at an even better price. This violet hued multi-sport helmet is precisely on-trend. And yes, although they aren't shown, it comes with straps.


Learn more about proper helmet fit with Cyclechic's illustrated Helmet Guide.

And did you know that some cycling advocates--especially the founder of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Mikael Colville-Andersen--are against wearing bicycle helmets? Read Elly Blue's thorough write-up on the helmet debate here.


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